Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Family Friends!

Aren’t we blessed to celebrate Christmas every year! God made man comes to earth as a child for our redemption, a good meditation all year long and, especially at Christmas.  

This is our first Christmas back in Faribault. We moved from Lakeville, back to Faribault to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Each one is so special to us. Children just plain enhance the joy in Christmas!

Eight grandchildren all over one year old now, (See our family tree on the back) so it will be fun to watch all of them open their gifts by themselves. Toys – yes, they're fun, but so is the wrapping paper, bows and gift bags!  

Family Updates:

After 30 years of service in the Church, Justin has decided to build businesses online! 

Lynette cares for our grandchildren during the week and enjoys treasure finds to resell online.

Mary Clare and Ryan Melero:  Mary Clare continues to heal after suffering Vertebral Artery Dissection.   She is healing well!  Thank you for your prayers.  She enjoys making bread and teaching music lessons.  Ryan is busy with Melero and Sons.  (Windshield repair family business).

Catherine and Tim Bryant:
  Catherine continues to work remotely for Nemours Hospital and styles hair on the side.  Tim delivers the mail with the United States Postal Service.  

John Paul and Anna Stroh:
  John Paul works in human resources at General Mills and Anna has launched her own photography business! 

 works at our local Hyvee grocery store and likes to play the recorder and critique movies. 

Daniel enjoys hunting, fishing and works at Aldi’s Warehouse

Elizabeth continues to write music and works at our local Walgreens.

Isaac continues to write and publish his music. He works at our local Godfather’s Pizza and is a señor at Faribault High School.

Sarah continues to enjoy growing in art and singing alto in our church choir with her dad. She works at our local Godfather’s Pizza and is a sophomore at Faribault High School.

We all wish you a very blessed Christmas and a joyful new year with many blessings. Let Christ’s peace, reign in your hearts.

You can follow our families entrepreneurial spirit!  Here are the websites:

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