Find intimacy with God.

He is listening and teaching you.

You can learn how to talk to God anywhere, anytime.

The School of Prayer can help!


Intimacy is the ability to be close to someone or something.

God desires us to seek a deep connection with Him,

and we are given intimacy with Him through prayer.


A place to learn about something.

School of Prayer is a place on the internet

to learn to pray in a deeper way finding intimacy with God.

School of Prayer - Lifetime Access

Everlasting love - Learn how to love God when His love overwhelms us. Let Him love us as we learn how to love Him back with our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.

Learn to Pray -
School of Prayer is a place where you can learn to pray in a deeper way. We’ll show you how to get more intimate with God.

No Fear -
You don’t have to be perfect or know all the answers to start praying. We’ll teach you how to pray in a way that brings you closer to God.

Bottom Line -
We just want to help you grow in your prayer life.

WHAT: The course will have FIVE sessions.

WHO: You are welcome to share the passcode with family members at no extra cost.

WHEN: You will have lifetime access.

HOW: After registration you will be taken to the course page. We will email you the passcode for the course. The course is yours for a one time payment of $47.95